Texas: Alcoholic Beverage Commission Proposes New Rules that Negatively Impact Friends of NRA Events, Shooting Clubs and Gun Shows

The state agency charged with regulating the sale, distribution and possession of alcoholic beverages in Texas is proposing new regulations that could drastically affect fundraising events held by charitable organizations as well as the operation of certain shooting clubs and gun shows.

Maine: Bill would criminalize traditional gun shows

A gun-control bill calling for background checks at gun shows has been temporarily set aside.The bill scheduled for debate Tuesday was tabled and could be taken up again as soon as Wednesday. It would require that a national instant criminal background check be performed prior to the sale or transfer of a firearm at a gun show. The bill would require gun show operators to post signs at gun shows to notify exhibitors of the background check requirement. Failure to perform a background check could result in a $ 2,500 fine, not $ 10,000 as initially proposed.

Texas House Committee to Consider Ban on Private Firearms Sales at Gun Shows this Week

This Thursday, April 11, the Texas House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety will hold a public hearing on House Bill 3143 by state Representative Raphael Anchia (D-Dallas).  HB 3143 would criminalize private firearms sales at gun shows and require them to be conducted through federal firearm licensed dealers (FFLs).  This bill lays the groundwork for FFLs to be able to charge a tax for processing those transfers and imposes vague “recordkeeping” requirements on the seller of the gun.