Iowa: Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment & Permitless Carry Pass Senate Subcommittee

Yesterday, a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee passed Senate Study Bill 3155 to propose an amendment to the state Constitution guaranteeing “the right of the people to acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer, and use arms” and Senate File 2106 to enact permitless carry in Iowa.  Both bills will now go to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which could take them up for consideration as early as next week.

Maine: State Senate to Reconsider Important Permitless Carry Legislation Tomorrow

Today, the Maine Senate killed important permitless carry legislation, LD 660, on a party-line vote.  However, this measure will be reconsidered by the Maine Senate tomorrow, giving LD 660 another opportunity to advance in the legislative process.  If passed and enacted into law, LD 660 would allow a person who is a resident of Maine and is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing a firearm, to carry concealed without first obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP).