Washington: Multiple Gun Control Bills Scheduled for Committee Votes

Next week, the Senate Law & Justice Committee is scheduled to consider and vote on several anti-gun bills, including Substitute SB 5444 to create a back-door registry and 10 day waiting period on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms.  Please contact members of the Senate Law & Justice Committee and urge them to oppose these gun control bills when they come up for a vote!  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your Senator.  

Rhode Island: Senate and House Committees Stall Multiple Anti-Gun Bills

More than a dozen gun control bills were scheduled for a hearing this week in the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee.  The good news is that those anti-gun bills which were scheduled to be heard, as previously reported, were held for further study in both committees

Arkansas: Important Update on Multiple House Bills

On Tuesday, House Bill 1408, introduced by state Representative Sue Scott (R-95), failed to get the necessary votes to be reported out of the House Judiciary Committee.   However, HB 1408 could be heard again in the future.  This common sense pro-gun reform would simply add open carry to the methods by which a current Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) holder may carry his personal protection handgun.  While most license holders would likely continue to carry their handguns concealed and discreetly, HB 1408 would eliminate any potential problems a license holder may encounter should a concealed firearm accidentally become exposed.  It would also allow licensees to remove a jacket during hot weather without running afoul of the current concealed carry statute, should that action cause a handgun to become exposed.