Hawaii: Honolulu City Council to Hear Pro-Gun Resolution Tomorrow

Resolution 13-74 CD1, introduced by council members Ron Menor and Kymberly Pine, will be heard tomorrow by the Honolulu City Council at 10:00am.  If adopted, Resolution 13-74 would aid the Honolulu Police Department as well as law-abiding gun owners, requesting HPD open new locations for permitting and registration at the Kapolei and Kaneohe Police Stations.

North Carolina: House Committee to Hear Bill to Prohibit Destruction of Firearms on Monday

This Monday, May 13, the North Carolina House Judiciary Subcommittee B will hear House Bill 714.  Sponsored by state Representative Jacqueline Schaffer (R-105), H 714 seeks to eliminate the practice of destroying lawful, functioning firearms that have been found or received by law enforcement.  H 714 would require the firearms be transferred to a law enforcement agency for official use, be sold at public auction to Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders, be maintained by the State Bureau of Investigation for training or experimental purposes, or be transferred to a museum or historical society.

Nebraska: Judiciary Committee to Hear Critical Self-Defense Legislation This Week

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear Legislative Bill 390 (LB 390), introduced by state Senator Mark Christensen (44), on Thursday, February 28 at 1:30 p.m.  LB 390 is important “emergency powers” legislation that would ensure your right to self-defense is not infringed upon by the government during a declared state of emergency.