Clerk fights off armed criminal, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 04/22/14

An armed robber entered Lisa’s Beer and Wine convenience store in Dallas, Texas and ordered the clerk to hand over some money. The clerk complied by giving roughly $ 300 to the criminal. The robber then ordered the clerk to get on his knees, as the thief took a pack of cigarettes. The clerk responded to this command by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminal, striking him once in the hand and causing him to flee. 

Tobacco store clerk fires on robber, CBS-DFW, Dallas, Texas, 06/13/13

A man entered a game room and tobacco store in East Fort Worth, Texas, pretended to play a game and then drew a gun on a clerk and demanded cash. The clerk complied with the demand, but a second clerk, who had overheard the robbery from another part of the store, retrieved a shotgun and fired at the criminal, striking him in the knee and head, and ending the robbery.
When police arrived, the armed robber was taken to a local hospital, with police planning to charge him with aggravated robbery once he has recovered. Local media has reported that the armed clerk will not face charges. 

Grocery manager defends employees from armed robbers, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas 05/06/13

Manager Joe Cho was working in the office of Pepe’s Grocery and Deli in Dallas, Texas when two armed men wearing bandannas entered the store and demanded money from a cashier. Cho responded by retrieving a .38-caliber revolver and firing at the criminals, who returned fire and fled. None of Cho’s employees were hurt during the incident.Cho’s decision to provide for his and his employee’s defense proved to be a wise one. Following the attempted robbery, Cho notified the police, telling them, “Hey, we got robbed, I need police as soon as possible.” “As soon as possible” turned out to be about an hour and 20 minutes later.