North Carolina: Right-to-Carry Reform Expected to be Considered by State Senate Tomorrow

Today, the state Senate Judiciary Committee approved a Proposed Committee Substitute (PCS) to House Bill 937, a comprehensive right-to-carry reform bill introduced by state Representatives Jacqueline Schaffer (R-105), Justin Burr (R-67), John Faircloth (R-61) and George Cleveland (R-14).  This important reform is expected to be considered by the state Senate tomorrow, so it is critical that you contact your state Senator IMMEDIATELY and urge her or him to support H 937 and oppose any efforts on the Senate floor to weaken it.

Illinois: Anti Self-Defense Amendment to be Considered in Senate as Early as Tomorrow

Today, in another attempt to further disarm the law-abiding residents in Illinois, an amendment offered by state Senator Dan Kotowski (D-28) to Senate Bill 1002, was heard by the Senate Executive Committee.  Amendment 2 to SB1002 would limit the sale and transfer of all standard capacity magazines.  Rather than addressing criminals engaging in gang violence, Chicago politicians want to limit the ability of law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves against those criminals.