Utah: Ominous Campaign Disclosure Bill Heads to Governor

House Bill 43, a measure aimed to suppress political speech by organizations such as the NRA, has received the final approval of both the Utah House and Senate and is now awaiting Governor Gary Herbert’s (R) signature.  This fatally flawed bill poses a grave risk to the freedom of speech in Utah and would impose excessive regulatory burdens on the NRA and other political interests.  Your action is needed immediately – please contact Governor Herbert TODAY and respectfully request that he veto HB 43  which would inhibit First Amendment rights and potentially undermine your Second Amendment rights.

White House pledges to use campaign operation to push gun measures

Vice President Biden told House Democrats who attended a White House meeting on gun control measures on Monday that the Obama administration intended to mobilize the grassroots operation left over from the 2012 presidential campaign to help push for the gun related measures it would unveil Wednesday, according to Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, who participated in the meeting.