World War II veteran stops armed robber, The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Fla. 08/25/14

89-Year-old Arthur Lewis was working at his store, the Jewelry Exchange, in Palm Beach County, Fla. when a man entered the shop and pretended to need his watch fixed. The man then drew a gun and attempted to rob Lewis. Lewis responded to the threat by grasping the criminal’s firearm and drawing a pistol. After a physical altercation, Lewis shot the robber, which prompted the thief to flee. Police caught up with the robber when his getaway driver sought police assistance for the wounded criminal.
The armed robber targeted the wrong person. Lewis is a veteran of World War II, and previously defended himself against an attempted armed robbery in 2010. 

Resident fires at trio of burglars, The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Fla. 05/21/13

A group of three burglars approached a home in Delray Beach, Fla. and knocked at the front door. When they received no answer, the trio went around to the back door and attempted to break inside. A resident of the home noticed the would-be intruders, retrieved a gun and fired at the criminals, striking one and causing all to flee in a nearby getaway car.
Police captured all three burglars a short time later at the Delray Medical Center, where the injured burglar underwent surgery.