Alabama: NRA-Supported Omnibus Firearms Bill Passes House Committee

Today, the Alabama House Commerce and Small Business Committee passed Senate Bill 286 by a 6 to 2 vote.   SB 286 was championed by state Senators Scott Beason (R-17) and Roger Bedford (D-6).  State Representative Ed Henry (R-9) offered a substitute for Senate Bill 286 in committee, and this will be the bill that will come to the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives.  While SB 286 has not yet been scheduled for consideration on the state House floor, please contact your state Representative in support of SB 286.   Contact information for your state Representative can be found here

Alabama: NRA-Supported Omnibus Bill to be Heard in Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday

As previously reported, NRA-backed Senate Bill 129 was heard by the Senate Business and Labor Committee and referred to a Senate working committee.  After multiple working committee meetings with all interested parties, this bill was modified and now has a new bill number, Senate Bill 286.  Your NRA played an active role with this working committee to ensure that the main provisions of SB 129 remained intact in SB 286.

Alabama: NRA-Supported Omnibus Firearms Bill to be Considered in Committee Tomorrow

NRA-supported Senate Bill 129, sponsored by state Senator Scott Beason (R-17) and cosponsored state Senators Jimmy Holley (R-31), Bill Holtzclaw (R-2), Del Marsh (R-12), and Paul Sanford (R-7), will be heard in the Senate Business and Labor Committee tomorrow, February 6, at 2:00 p.m. This hearing will take place in Room 610 of the Alabama State House.