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The state Senate approved several gun control measures on Monday, May 13, and the New Jersey Assembly has placed them on their calendar for consideration this Monday, May 20 at 1:00 pm.  The Assembly floor agenda is subject to change.  The remaining bills passed in the Senate on May 13 may require action in Assembly committees before they can be taken up on the Assembly floor.  As of today, the Assembly is currently scheduled to consider the following bills, among others:

Proposed anti-gun laws that have been debated and discussed for weeks in Trenton continue to move closer to approval in the state legislature.  Many of these onerous legislative proposals, previously reported here by the NRA-ILA, have already passed in the Assembly and are now tentatively scheduled for floor action in the Senate on Monday, May 13.  The state legislature has reached a critical point in its process, and New Jersey gun owners must continue to pressure state lawmakers to defeat these dangerous gun bills.

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