People Who Worry Activists Want To Take Guns Away Aren’t Paranoid; They’re Just Listening

We hear it ad nauseum every gun-control debate: “No one is talking about taking away your guns. Stop being so paranoid!” But one of the more admirable traits of this post-Parkland round of gun-control debate is activists have been willing to be quite honest about their desire to take drastic measures to take guns away from their fellow Americans.
Just this week, a former Supreme Court justice wrote an op-ed in the pages of The New York Times suggesting we should repeal the Second Amendment as a “more effective and more lasting reform” to “minimize the risk of mass killings of schoolchildren and others in our society.” Just to prevent any misunderstanding of his intent, the op-ed was headlined, “John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment.”
Make no mistake about it. This op-ed, its author, and its placement are a very clear signal that this idea should be taken seriously. In fact, I can think of few clearer signals to and from liberal and elite culture that something should be taken seriously than a Times op-ed by a retired Supreme— the justice who wrote the dissent in the landmark Second-Amendment affirming Heller case, no less!