California: Keep Up the Pressure in Sacramento Ammunition Registration Bill and Several Anti-Gun Bills Still in Moving

The state Assembly did not take up anti-gun Senate Bill 53 last week, so it is still awaiting its final vote.  The next chance for SB 53 to be considered on the Assembly floor is TODAY, June 23.   It’s CRITICAL that you contact your state Assemblyman TODAY and urge him or her to OPPOSE this egregious legislation.  Contact information for your Assemblyman can be found here.  For talking points on SB 53, please click here.  TODAY, June 23, AB 1964 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Contact information for this committee can be found here.  TOMORROW, June 24, the following anti-gun bills will be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee.  Please call AND e-mail members of this committee urging them to OPPOSE these anti-gun bills.