Biden Regroups, Promises Fight

At a press conference this week, Vice President Joe Biden (D) warned that he and the Obama administration have not given up on their proposed gun control measures, declared that the administration would “beat” NRA by passing gun control measures,  and vowed that legislators who oppose the administration on gun control will “pay a political price” for doing so. As reported in the Washington Post, Biden said to an audience that included Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, “As proud as the president and I am of progress we’ve made, we need Congress to act.  We need everyone in the country to know the fight is not over. Far from it.”  He further stated, “Janet Napolitano has not given up. Eric Holder has not given up.” Biden renewed the administration’s call for “universal” background checks and reminded attendees that gun control remains on the administration’s agenda despite a major defeat in the U.S. Senate in April.  “Because of the invocation of a rule, a perverted filibuster rule requiring 60 votes for everything, we lost,” said Biden.