Hi, I am Fred Forrest in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This site is to share some of my interests and thoughts as well as some information about various businesses I am involved in.

I feed my wife, dogs, and myself with our various businesses which you can view on my web site page located here. Feel free to browse the sites, and if there is something we can help you with, please contact us!

Near the top of my list of fun things to do, is training my service dogs. I am currently working with my 3rd service dog named Lex bringing him up to speed for a full career helping me. My first service dog was Apollo who worked with me for 12 years before retiring. He was a german shepherd/rottweiler mix and weighed 130 lbs. My second dog is Titan who will be retiring this year after 10 years of working with me. Lex is 2 years old now and will soon be filling Titans role in helping me out. Here are some pictures of Lex as he was growing and learning. Titan is in some of the photo’s helping me train Lex.